Metalworking CNC milling machine.



8 CNC machining centers (milling, lathe & EDM) and
5 classic machines.

  • MACHINES: 5 HURCO 3 to 5-axis CNC milling machines
  • TECHNOLOGY: CAM-simultaneous 5-axis and surface finishing
  • DIMENSIONS: up to 1225 × 660 × 600mm
  • TOLERANCES: ±0.01mm




Materials we use in manufacturing are primarily:

  • STEELS (non-alloy, stainless and heat resisting steels, inox and alloy tool steels, structural, pressure vessel and engineering steels, and other special steels)
  • ALUMINUM (pure, cast aluminum, Al-Mg-Si, Al-Zn, Al-Cu alloys)
  • COPPER (pure, brass, copper-tin alloys, phosphor bronze)
  • PLASTICS (thermoplastics, engineering plastics, reinforced plastics, thermosetting polymers and pressed materials)

We also have experience with many other special materials, material technologies and coatings.



In order to achieve the quality and production speed for the ordered work, the company has defined a business process according to which it monitors the processing and realization of the orders and their status changes.


    The client sends us an e-mail request for a quotation. The request should contain a list of positions, ie parts, as well as payment and delivery terms (Incoterms 2022). Also, the client can indicate separate contact details for invoicing. Client can ask for their orders to have priority status. For each position/part quantity should be specified and drawings (PDF, DWG, SLDPRT) and/or models (STEP, STP) should be attached. Each drawing or model should have defined materials, dimensions and, if necessary, tolerances and other comments, such as: external processing, surface finishing, special packaging or need for further discussion. The more data is provided the sooner quotation can be sent.


    Within 1 working day, our team processes the request and contacts you for additional explanations in a case of incomplete or inaccurate documentation, or if we notice a problem in setting up the work order, or if we identify possible problems in procuring the required materials and external processing services. Within 1 working day upon agreeing on all the details, we will send a non-binding quotation along with its expiration date within which we expect confirmation of acceptance in writing by e-mail. Expiration period spans between 5-20 working days, depending on the market situation and the quotation's complexity. In case we don't receive confirmation before quotation expires, we reserve the right to cancel or correct the offer within 2 working days of re-inquiry. Payment terms: for new customers and smaller orders on the day of delivery (COD), otherwise it is 7 days (NET7). For large clients, partner companies and for particularly large orders, we can grant a deferral of payment for up to 30 days, for which we may request an additional payment instrument (promissory note, bank guarantee or some other collateral). Priority orders are agreed within the same working day and are allowing a delivery date in less than 10 working days.


    After accepting our quotation by receiving the order via e-mail, the preparation period begins within which our internal work order for production is prepared, we order materials and, if necessary, external services. Within this period, the company plans and reserves its production resources. As production has not yet started, it is still possible to send minor corrections and additions to drawings/models during this period without incurring additional costs for the customer - as long as they do not reflect on material, technology, dimensions and quantities. This period typically lasts at least 10 business days for standard or 1 business day for priority orders. The client will, if requested, be informed of the planned start date of production and on the day when production begins.


    CNC developers analyze blueprints and prepare CAM programs. Technologists design and manufacture production devices. The first 2 steps can be skipped for repeated orders if same resources are available. Meanwhile, logistics prepares raw materials. CNC machining technologies (sawing, turning, milling, grinding, erosion) are carried out on the raw material within our plant. Subsequently (if necessary) semi-finished products are sent to subcontractors for external processing (anodizing, wire, browning, galvanizing, painting, etc.). Within each step, our team conducts progress control and which is then updated in our system.


    Upon completing the manufacturing of the part, the final quality control is being performed and, if requested by client, a measurement report is prepared for the selected parts/positions. Our company is known for high quality of supplied services.


    Finished parts are packed in boxes alongside with delivery notes (and optional additional documentation) and stored on our finished goods shelf, marked as ready for delivery. Then, we call courier service or logistics partner, if delivery service has been ordered. On the same day, the client is informed that his goods are ready for pickup or that delivery service has been ordered. An invoice for the shipped parts is sent to cutomer's e-mail indicated for invoice receival. The due date for complaints is indicated on the delivery note as well as on the invoices.


TEL : +385 1 5628 494