Design in production

Considering aspects of product design is part of our work process. We have always paid special attention to design, where in our own capacities or in cooperation with specialized and award-winning partners we give new products an individual and aesthetic component by applying our many years of experience and skills in this field. The key […]

Manufacturing and automation

We apply the acquired knowledge in order for our clients to significantly increase their productivity, accelerate production and optimize the consumption of energy and raw materials through our products and solutions. Reference example would be our technological solution of the automated filling system for electronic cigarettes. Working for many years on making robots’ and manipulators’ […]

Automotive Industry

Prototype production began in 2010 following the orders for battery components and engine parts of of electric and hybrid vehicle prototypes for customers such as Sönner, Audi and Mercedes Benz. Iz has further intensified by late 2020 with orders for more complex designs of key engine and gearbox components for key supercar manufacturers. A key […]

Nuclear Industry

By improving the technological process of our production, we have won clients specialized in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions NDT for nuclear plant facilities, to which we have become one of the key suppliers in the region. For these customers, we are manufacturing most of the parts and systems for their manipulators and […]