We operate at the address: Ulica Ivana Gundulića 41b, 10430 Samobor in a building located next to Samobor Fire Department station.

Also, at this address, 2 of our spin-off companies, originated from our continuous growth in productivity and expansion of our expertise:

- FLEPRO d.o.o. (since 2017, specializes in the development and making of automation solutions for manufacturing industry) and

- RUDEX SAUNA d.o.o. (since 2020, specializes in making wellness equipment, originated from separating our wood processing plant into a separate business entity).

In front of the building and in the immediate vicinity 30 parking spaces are provided for employees and guests.

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"RUDEX" sole proprietorship in the metal-processing industry was founded in 1984 by Mr Stjepan Lehpamer, and since 1994 it has been operating as the limited company RUDEX-2000 d.o.o. By persistently following the vision of quality, new technologies and lifelong learning philosophy, an working environment has been created that is able to respond to every technological challenge.

In 2007, Mr Mihael Lehpamer took over the management of the company and continued to realize the founder's vision through the application of LEAN methodology combined with the experience and knowledge in CNC technologies and CAD/CAM tools. The transfer of this knowledge to each individual worker became a major part of the company's driving force and a new vision that enables further economic growth and development of the company and beyond: local community - by transferring knowledge and business opportunities to new generations seeking their future in manufacturing. We have set a standard of quality in our sector and we have became recognizable both locally and abroad.



To provide our customers with quality products tailored to their needs while responsibly managing production processes and resources; with minimal energy footprint and an acceptable impact on the environment and society.

Make small-batch production as fast as possible, flexible and adapted to the market needs and requirements.

Through the values and culture that became popular in today's start-up companies, responsibility and commitment, and lifelong learning; through education, professional practice and smart association of companies in the sector we have created a positive environment in which we turn problems into challenges.



Organizational units:

  1. Programming and engineering (CAD/CAM)
  2. Manufacturing and operations
  3. Administration and logistics

Key people:

  1. Mihael Lehpamer, director
    25 yrs work experience / 19 yrs in RUDEX
  2. Goran Pereš, Head of production
    7 yrs work experience / 1st year in RUDEX
  3. Mladen Fresl, Chief constructor
    35 yrs work experience / 10 yrs in RUDEX
  4. Vedran Petrić, Head of new technologies
    16 yrs work experience / 8 yrs in RUDEX
  5. Snježana Požgaj, Head of administration
    35 yrs work experience / 7 yrs in RUDEX


TEL : +385 1 5628 494